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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we know a thing or two about repairing and installing tires. In fact, we’re confident that we do it better than anyone else. So if your tires are worn, damaged, or not dressed for the weather, come in and see us.

And if you’re in the market for a set of custom wheels that perform as great as they look, check out our incredible selection of styles, finishes, brands, and sizes. Call us today for more details.


Tire Installation

Your tires deserve proper installation. New and seasonal tire installations performed by the certified experts and technicians at Future Tire include, among other things:

- Removal of the wheels
- Removal of the old tires from the wheels
- Inspection of lug nuts and wheels
- Installation of new valve stems as needed
- Mounting and sealing the new or seasonal tires
- Inflating and balancing each tire
- Replacing the wheels on your vehicle with the new or seasonal tires on them

Tire repair

It is important to properly inspect and repair a tire that has deflated or been punctured. Tire repair services performed by the certified experts and technicians at Future Tire include:

- Dismounting and inspection of the tire to determine the cause of the inflation pressure loss and whether or not it can be repaired
- Flat tire repair
- Repairs performed in accordance with strict industry standards
- Proper plugging and patching from the inside of the tire if suitable for repair
- Rebalancing of tire & wheel assembly

Tire rotation

Regular tire rotations help eliminate premature tire wear and could save you hundreds of dollars. Rotating your tires means moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other, moving them from front to back, or a combination of both. This helps avoid uneven tire wear, which can lead to poor performance and decreased gas mileage. The certified experts and technicians at Future Tire can ensure that your tires are rotated properly. Your tire rotation services includes:

- Removing tires
- Inspecting the wear patterns
- Balancing of tire & wheel (if necessary)
- Putting tires back on where they will wear most evenly


Unbalanced tires can lead to uneven wear, vibration, and potentially unsafe driving conditions. When the certified experts and technicians at Future Tire balance your wheels, they are helping to ensure that your tires are spinning around as evenly as possible, which is important for optimal driving performance. Wheel-balance service includes:

- Tire and wheel removal
- Mounting each wheel on a state-of-the-art balancing machine
- Spinning each wheel to make sure the weight of the wheel and tire are balanced evenly around the axle
- Detecting and locating any imbalance
- Attaching a lead weight on the opposite side of the tire to compensate for weight differences
- Remounting tires and wheels


We have certified technicians at our shop. This means you’ll get your automotive repair work done by people that are fully certified and professionally qualified to work on your vehicle, guaranteed.