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Nothing does more to give your car a long, healthy life than making sure it gets regular maintenance. Cars are increasingly complex machines, and bringing them in for regular check-ups will help prevent minor issues from turning into major problems.


As a car owner, preventive maintenance is the single most important thing you can do. Regular maintenance is akin to getting regular doctor checkups. They keep your car healthy and give car experts a chance to catch small problems before they become big ones. Future Tire's preventative maintenance includes regular services, inspections and repairs that prevent potential problems, such as lubrication, adjustments, cleaning, testing, and replacement of worn parts.

Some of Preventive Maintenance Services Checklist:

#1 - Oil Changes
Motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle's engine. It picks up dirt, particles and other impurities and deposits them in the oil filter to keep your engine clean. Routine oil changes keep all the moving parts moving, and cut down on friction to cool the motor so your vehicle keeps running longer. Check your owner’s manual to find out when your vehicle needs an oil change. And don’t forget to change your oil regularly. At Future Tire, we have several oil change options to choose from.

#2 - Fluid & Belt Inspection
Have an inspection performed, or do it yourself if you are able. Check your fluids including:
- Antifreeze/ Coolant
- Wiper fluid
- Power Steering
- Transmission Fluid

#3 - Check Your Tires
Check the tread on your tires to see if it is low and wearing evenly. If the tread is low, replace the tires- they are not something to wait on. Worn tires are very dangerous to drive on. Getting tires rotated and balanced will help them last longer. An alignment on your car is needed if the tread isn’t wearing equally on the tire.

#4 - Check Filters
Your engine’s air filter needs to be replaced according to your owner’s manual and is based on mileage. Likewise the type of driving you do and the location of where you are driving can impact how dirty the air filter gets and how often it will need to be changed.

#5 - Inspect Battery
Take a look at your battery and notice if there is any mineral buildup on the contacts. Make sure your jumper cables are in good working order and consider bringing it in for inspection on regular basis. At Future Tire, we can test your battery level as well.

#6 - Spark Plugs
Worn or damaged spark plugs can lead to a breakdown, therefore they need to be checked and changed regularly. Ignoring them causes your engine to not work efficiently.

Future Tire's preventative maintenance can save you money and keep you safe on the road. It’s not just some blathering by auto mechanics to get you to spend your money, it really is a benefit to you as an auto owner. Give us a call today to get your services scheduled.


We have certified technicians at our shop. This means you’ll get your automotive repair work done by people that are fully certified and professionally qualified to work on your vehicle, guaranteed.